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2004 Tournament Trailer

2003 Tour

2003 Tour Trailer

A defining moment for competitive sport 
(date unknown)

2003 Loosing sucks!

2003 Teaser

The UYOA mood music equalizer
(featured on the original website from circa 2003)

2002 Are you ready?

2002 UYOA

UYOA golf grass left

UYOA golf grass centre

UYOA Golf grass right


The intention behind UYOA was always to make those involved in the event feel less like they were just on any other golf society do but more they were (as the name indicates) 'Contenders' for a tournament. The feeling on the course and the anticipation on how any individual would fair against the other Contenders was heightened by the online build up to each event. This was evident in the web ads that featured on the original website as the years developed.

Though the technology used for these ads is now obsolete here we have tried as far as possible to include as many as records can find to remind those who participated as Contenders some of the atmosphere leading up to each event.



UYOA - Be The Best





UYOA Golf grass bottom left   UYOA Golf grass bottom right

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UYOA is a brand conceived to provide a fusion of social interaction with a competitive event without the stuffy rules and regulations of other clubs.
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