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Presenting a Concept via Photoshop 

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Photo retouching is used by almost all professional photographers today. It adds that polished, well finished look to enhance a shot that has so much more appeal than the original. There is a very high chance that an image you see in a magazine has had some retouching work done to it.

Other terms for photo retouching are: image edit, photo edit, photo restore, photo enhance, colour retouch, photo repair, photo correction, picture retouching, image editing, digital manipulation, image enhancing. By using the power of Adobe Photoshop there is very little you can't do to a photo or image to make it look the best (and sometimes better than) it possibly can.


Presenting a Concept

You might be surprised what can be created from just one image, for example the one image shown at the top of this page (left) was all there was to work on. The client wanted to demonstrate how some publicity may appear in the press so I created the images on the right.


Beauty / Fashion

Photo retouching through digital cosmetic surgery can simulate a facelift, smooth away wrinkles, fix that double chin, clear up acne and other blemishes, fix messy hair, and even make a large nose look smaller. Hair colour and clothing can also be adjusted. Body slimming, such as a tummy tuck or straightening a rounded back or shoulders, is not impossible. Red eye can be removed, and teeth can be straightened and whitened. Eyelashes can be extended, and facial features can be enhanced. Skin tone and texture can be improved, and make-up can even be added. A soft filter can even be applied for a glamour look.



Editing product photos by digital manipulation can create that "hero!" shot without the need for re-shooting in an expensive studio. Adjust the lighting, eliminate blemishes, set it on alternative backgrounds or with alternative coloured livery. Many companies will use a photo editor to recreate alternative styles of the product before it has gone into production to visualise and help determine what the final product should be without the need for numerous prototypes.

Products photos can also be retouched to provide the ultimate publicity shot suitable for marketing.



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