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Janet Jackson's breast is briefly exposed by Justin Timberlake during the Super Bowl halftime show, Lance Armstrong of Austin, Texas wins an unprecedented 6th consecutive Tour de France cycling title and Fox Hunting is outlawed in the UK. Popular films of the year included Shrek 2, Meet the Fockers and the Day After Tomorrow.

Following the Rusper event in 2003 interest in the event waned from a number of individuals - people were growing up and getting other commitments such as starting families. Regrettably despite some persistence from the organisers a Tournament in 2004 did not happen - at this stage the writing was on the wall for the future of a UYOA Tournament. 

A hybrid event did occur in July of that year which involved the players who participated in the previous year's Tour event. The UYOA Classic was held at Dartmouth Golf and Country Club over 3 days.

Designed by Jeremy Pern, Dartmouth Golf & Country Club offers 2 exceptional golf courses, both created with sweeping fairways, ample all year round tees, and of course superb greens created from the dramatic surrounding landscape, all built to USGA Championship specification.

Dartmouth Golf and Country Club is honoured to have been selected as one of the top 80 golf courses in Great Britain and Ireland and was recently voted within the Top 100 hidden gems in Great Britain by the highly acclaimed "Golf Monthly" magazine.

This was a mammoth 54 hole event along the same principle as that of the Tour. Specific information on this event is sketchy - it certainly involved Rolfy Tomlinson, Brent Mariner, Simon Assirati and Steve O'Grady.

The event obviously involved overnight accommodation at the club with Rolf and Brent sharing and Steve and the Azz in the other room - recollections are that Steve was quite disturbed by the Azz's continued nakedness in their room (but that's another story! lol).

As to the event itself no scores are available though it is believed Steve O'Grady did take the outright title at the end of the event - well done Steve.

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